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Rate your response to each of the questions below on a scale of 5 to 1.
Scale: 5: strongly agree; 4: agree; 3: neither agree nor disagree; 2: disagree; 1: strongly disagree

: I, more often than not, give my team the bigger picture to help them understand how their roles and tasks fit in with the larger scheme of things

I outline the outcomes I expect from my team members whenever I delegate.


I provide clarity to my team members so they understand the outcomes expected and how to achieve them.

My subordinates will tell you that I encourage them to ask questions and clarifications
5 :

I ask more questions of my team members than responding with answers or solutions
6 :
I have received feedback from my team members and bosses that I am approachable.
7 :
I have received feedback that I am very open with sharing my knowledge with colleagues.
8 :
Colleagues will tell you that I care about, and invest, in the development of people.
9 :
I regularly communicate company information, strategy and goals to my team.
10 :
I frequently spend time with my team (or individuals in the team) on matters that are not work related.
11 :
I often invest time with a team member before and after a training program attended by any team member.
12 :
My team will tell you that they get feedback from me through the year about how they have been performing.
13 :
I ask for a lot of suggestions and inputs from my team even for work that I need to do.
14 :
The morale in my team is high as determined by employee engagement surveys conducted by my organization.
15 :
My team will tell you that they are empowered to discharge their responsibilities.     
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