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Business dynamics are changing rapidly. Business cycles are shortening, the information flows are becoming overwhelming and there is a need to respond to competitive forces quickly. Consequently, the complexities of managing businesses have grown exponentially. This requires that organizations anticipate and respond to changes with agility in order to ensure high quality results and growth.
To enhance their agility, organizations need to review alignment of core levers that impact organization effectiveness to strategy, develop leadership talent in successive layers of the organization and create an energizing and engaging work atmosphere.
Confluence works with organizations on ‘core levers’ that impact organization effectiveness:

Organization Design:

  • Identifying and structuring work and roles for effective execution of strategy
  • Aligning systems, processes, policies and culture to provide the enabling structures that support overall business performance

Organizational Capabilities:

  • Assessing and ensuring ‘fit’ between role requirements and people capabilities for leadership roles
  • Developing and implementing Leadership Talent Management frameworks to identify, assess and develop leadership talent for current and future business needs
  • Customized Leadership Talent frameworks enable organizations to apply a strategic approach to continually anticipate, assess and develop organizational capabilities required for sustained business excellence.



Leaders shape organization’s direction and capabilities to achieve their vision and strategic objectives. Effective leaders are able to align and harness the
energy and potential of employees and other stakeholders in accomplishing organizational intent.

Our focus is to enable leaders to

  • recognize and realize their own potential in the context of their leadership roles
  • align and harness the capabilities and potentialities of the larger organization that they impact and influence.

Executive Coaching for Leadership Development:

Leaders demonstrate strong understanding of the business / task contexts they need to deal with. Whilst their track records stand testimony to their personal capabilities, success at these levels requires considerable sophistication and fluency in

  • anticipating and/or understanding the changes in the environment, their implications on the organization and generating organizational capability to deal with these changes
  • aligning/engaging people behind strategic initiatives and business aspirations,
  • interpersonal and leadership skills for influencing and building ownership and commitment
  • collaborative skills for facilitating change on an on-going basis

Executive Coaching is one of the most effective ways to support their development and augment their capabilities/ leadership style to translate organization intent into effective outcomes.

Confluence Coaching Model:

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Coaching Skills for Performance Excellence & Employee Development (CSPEED)
CSPEED is the approach adopted for equipping leaders with in-depth perspectives, tools and skills to address performance enhancement and individual development in ways that create an engaging work environment. We enable leaders to:

  • understand people, their capabilities, motivations and aspirations
  • determine the path to align capabilities to performance requirements through a systematic, “learning / behavior change goals” based approach.
  • engage in conversations that facilitate employees in discovering appropriate solutions
  • recognize, reinforce and build on success 



CEOs  and Business managers are increasingly seeking out the HR function for partnering with the business in furthering their business agendas, helping them get better performance from their people, better return from investments in people, robust HR products & services for talent management. Employees too, expect far more attention to their needs / expectations from HR professionals.

This situation presents both an opportunity and challenge for the HR function. Expectations from all types of stakeholders have risen; the sophistication and “outcome” challenge of interventions has increased. Further, HR’s relationships with others straddle a very complex web of role equations. At one level, managers and employees are “internal customers” who want their specific expectations and requirements met. At the same time, they are also employees, and expect HR to be concerned about their well-being as persons.

Simultaneously, whilst HR is expected to support individual businesses better, they are also expected to provide solutions keeping the overall organization interest in mind.

Facilitating Design, Development and Implementation of HR Interventions:

Given the pulls and pressures on HR roles, the function needs to focus on the key value added contributions it can make to further the business agenda. We work with organizational leaders and HR teams to:

  • define the contributions expected of the HR function given the business imperatives
  • review the effectiveness of HR’s products and services in terms of their  value addition to achievement of business strategy
  • design and implement appropriate interventions aligned to business strategy for greater functional effectiveness.
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